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Re: glassfish on NetBSD?

In article <20110904124209.GB471@agamemnon.entropie.local>,
Martin S. Weber <> wrote:
>I may have sounded too negative. I AM using java on NetBSD at work,
>and more often than not it works fine. Also for some applications,
>I have never experienced things going south, and I use them relatively
>often.  But sometimes even a simple call to sbt (when compiling
>some scala) gets to a point where a dozen threads (of the java
>binary) are waiting and one parked and nothing's moving on. Or
>javac goes into a busy wait (not exactly what you wanna see when
>a jsp is being compiled). So for me, I do development on the NetBSD
>box, I'd never have the idea of deploying a service that needs to

To get java run reliably on NetBSD we need bug reports with repeatable
problems. Yes, java is a difficult application to get working 100% on
any platform, but we can do better than what we have now.


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