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Re: glassfish on NetBSD?

On 5 September 2011 22:48, Jean-Yves Migeon <> 
> On 05.09.2011 23:23, Lasse Hillerře Petersen wrote:
>>> They all have their own shares of problems. Threatening won't get you
>>> much help anyway, especially on components (namely: Java and Flash) that
>>> are Linux-centric when it comes to FOSS.
>> That's almost hilarious, how could what I said be construed as
>> "threatening"???? I don't expect anyone but myself to fix my problems - and
>> my fix will very likely end up being Linux. Even more so, if this is the way
>> a long-time NetBSD user should expect to be "greeted" on netbsd-users these
>> days.
> Start by being constructive -- whining that Flash and Java do not work
> as intended is a well known problem, and arguing about this doen't
> improve the situation. Remember, NetBSD isn't Ubuntu (or Linux, but you
> won't do much with Linux alone).

I don't think Lasse was either whining or threatening. You could well
argue he could have been more constructive in his initial email, but
the response has been if anything less constructive and even
potentially threatening.

While it is annoying that many new features are only available in
NetBSD-current, the more users who can spare the time to test out
current, be it on a spare partition or even USB key, the better those
features will be in a release.

As for my experiences in flash & java:

I've just installed multimedia/adobe-flash-plugin10.1 on my -current
amd64 box and tried a selection of youtube videos. The video on all of
them played perfectly (even 720p), but there was no audio - going to
look into that further.

I've been using lang/openjdk7 for a while to build and deploy using
ant & ivy quite large jboss apps, targetting jdk6 runtime on RHEL
boxes. The latest openjdk7 update required meant that I had to
explicitly set bootstrapclasspath as well as target & source to 1.6. I
debug locally but the live systems are all RHEL.

I used to use the java browser plugin occasionally, but it doesn't
seem to work for a quick test now, may look into that more later.

Once again, I would encourage anyone who can spare the time and media
space to test things on NetBSD -current, you may be pleasantly
surprised (or not :), but it all helps make NetBSD better (says
someone running -current on his laptop and two 7.2TB media servers :)

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