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Re: setting up drives

On Jun 9, 2010, at 8:51 25PM, Gary Duzan wrote:

> In Message <>,
>   DL <>wrote:
> =>Hmmm... the /var/run/log directory's permissions are 
> =>
> =>srw-rw-rw- root wheel
> =>
> =>I don't think I've ever seen an 's' in a directory permission string rather
> =>than a 'd'. Should I change that somehow?  If not then how can I copy that
> =>/var/run/log directory over to the other disk2 as it is?
>   That's a UNIX-domain (a.k.a. Local-domain) socket. cp -R should
> be able to copy it, at least according to the man page. However if
> the target disk doesn't support socket files, e.g. if it is MSDOS,
> then that could cause the problem.

Don't worry about anything in /var/run -- when you reboot (and I assume you 
will, after moving /var and updating /etc/fstab), everything in it will be 
erased and recreated.

I'd be surprised if it were even possible to copy such a "file".  I'm not sure 
which man page you're referring to; I see nothing under -R that indicates it 
can copy a Unix-domain socket.  A Unix-domain socket is a communications 
channel; it would have to set things up so that both filename ends corresponded 
to the same program end.  That might not be easy -- and you never explicitly 
create such "files" via open(2) or creat(2), but rather by doing a bind() on 
the socket.  I don't see how cp can emulate that.

                --Steve Bellovin,

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