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ulimit and nginx

First I'd like to say that NetBSD is really cool.  I'm a Linux user who has 
installed it on a Thinkpad 560 with 100MHz CPU, 80MB RAM (72 Effective I 
think), 2GB HD.

I install nginx and ldap just to run some tests.  I used siege to hit nginx and 
with 100 concurrent users requesting about 10 urls 20 times.  Swap was never 
used; load on the machine reached past 1 only for 5 mins; system was 
responsive.  The only error I receive was, according to some links, ulimit 
being to low.  One link said to place a ulimit directive in the startup file.  
I wanted to know if that shouldn't be done globally?

What's the advised way of proceeding.  This machine is for fun and practice.



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