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setting up drives

Hi Al !

This is a possible solution for you:

For example you have 3 ide disks, wd0, wd1 and wd2
The NetBSD installer can help you install default system onto first of
Due process of instaltion use only / partition, no swap.
After completed the installation you will have / and /var partitions on
the same wd0 disk
Reboot the system and continue with preparing of the second disk.
With disklabel prepare wd1 for /usr and swap (there should be 2
partitions - /dev/wd1a with ffs and /dev/wd1b with swap. Format
/dev/wd1a with newfs

And final prepare the third disk wd2. Partitions should be /dev/wd2a with
ffs and /dev/wd2b with swap. Format /dev/wd2a with newfs.

Now there is some tricky moment Because you already have a /var
partitions (from default installation process) you should mount the new
one on /tmp, copy all of content on old /var to the new /var, delete old
/var, unmount and mount new /var partition to the write place.

 mkdir /tmp/disk2
mount /dev/wd2a /tmp/disk2
cd /
cp -R /var /mnt/disk2

You must ensure all of content of old /var are copied correctly, with the
respectively permissions. After that:

rm -Rf /var
umount /tmp/disk2
mkdir -p /var
mount /dev/wd2a /var
And at final, edit your fstab file and put all of new partitions Your
fstab should be look like this:


/dev/wd0a / ffs rw 1 1

/dev/wd1a /usr ffs rw 1 2
/dev/wd1b none swap sw 0 0

/dev/wd2a /var ffs rw 1 3
/dev/wd2b none swap sw 0 1

Good luck

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