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Re: trouble about terminal type when experiencing the process of installing netbsd

LeiMing wrote:
å Sat, 25 Apr 2009 03:24:23 +0800ïJohnny Billquist <> 

LeiMing wrote:
å Fri, 24 Apr 2009 23:23:15 +0800ïWouter Klouwen <> åé:

LeiMing( said 2009.04.24 23:08:18 +0000:
ed /mnt/etc/rc.conf (rc_configured=NO is changed to rc_configured=YES)

I think you need to enable wscons in rc.conf. Also see wscons.conf(5).

  Thanks for your reply,
after "usermod -s /bin/sh root" and add "wscons=YES" in rc.conf, it works
and I added swap, /kern and /proc in fstab.

Sigh. Someone should some day write a big text on terminals so that these kind of questions can be referred there every time. I don't know how often I see people having problems with screens not looking right, or keys not doing what people expect, and not understanding why this is.

(In short: your arrow keys generate those escape sequences you posted before because your terminal tries to behave like a VT100, and a VT100 sends those characters whenever you press one of they arrow keys, so it was working perfectly fine. Your software "on the other end" however, didn't interpret that as something special, which is why you just saw they escape squences echoed.)

I thought it didn't work correctly because I found arrow keys could move cursor in the system that I installed with install system.

Yes. My point was that it is very common for people to think they have a problem with this. But the only actual problem is one of not setting up information for the system to know what terminal you have. So the problem is not where most people think, and the system is actually behaving just as it was instructed. :-)

Is there anything seems not complete about the installation?
 by the way, the "chmod o+s /usr/bin/su" seems working incorrectly.
it's "chmod +s /usr/bin/su && chmod g-s /usr/bin/su" that works correctly.

chmod o+s <file> ???
What did you expect that should do? I don't think that is even semantically possible. I guess that would turn on the sticky bit, though. What you probsbly wanted was chmod u+s <file> Where did you find the chmod o+s <file> ? Or was it something you guessed was the right thing?


It does be something I guessed.
not only netbsd, I'm even a newbi to *nix.

sorry for being so stupid.

Don't apologize. I didn't mean to shoot you down. We all have to learn sometime, somehow. Asking questions is a good way of learning. I was curious if someone had told you, or if someone had written a document saying that was the correct way. So you guessed it yourself. You were pretty close to doing it right. The mistake of thinking that "o" stands for "owner" is something I think a lot of people have done (atleast I think that is what you assumed). Apart from that detail, you had it right. And besides, you found an alternative way to solve the problem. Which also is good. And now you know another way. :-)
By the way, for chmod: u=user, g=group, o=others, a=all.


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