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Re: lighttpd issue


On Sun, 2 Nov 2008, Michael van Elst wrote: (Al - Image Hosting Services) writes:

What I
don't understand is that I went as far as rebuilding everything (the
kernel, userland, and packages) with the same source as I have on another
server that doesn't have this problem.

It might be a different usage pattern.

I did find by googling a bit more
that putting in "options SOSEND_NO_LOAN" into the kernel fixed the problem
with Apache users and I thought that it had fixed the problem with
lighttpd on this server.

sokva is used for zero-copy send operations. A kernel with SOSEND_NO_LOAN
will have disabled that mode (so does a -current SMP kernel).

Ok. that would make sense.

It ran for maybe 20 hours before lighttpd stopped
responding to requests. I am going to try moving to Apache, but I am not
sure if that will fix the problem either. Any ideas on what else I can

If a process waits in sokva your kernel isn't built with SOSEND_NO_LOAN.

lighttpd doesn't have a state of sokva anymore. It just seems to stops responding.

Otherwise try to find out how large blocks your webserver writes
to the network. I would guess that lighttpd maps a whole file
and tries to write it out with a single syscall. If your files
are large, this may easily overwhelm the sokva area.

I would guess that it does try to map the whole file, but if the kernel is built with SOSEND_NO_LOAN, shouldn't this problem go away? It doesn't wait in sokva, so did I create a new issue? Is there something else in the kernel that would be overwhelmed?


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