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Re: lighttpd issue

Hi Michael,

On Sat, 1 Nov 2008, Michael van Elst wrote: (Al - Image Hosting Services) writes:

I just installed a new server, but I started having problems with
lighttpd. It stops responding to requests after a while. Yes, it works
fine on the old server. So, I took the source and pkgsrc from the working
server and put it onto the one having problems. After rebuilding
everything, nothing has changed, lighttpd still stops responding after a
while. If I look in top it says it has a state of "sokva". Does that mean
anything to anyone?

Dunno about lighttpd, but "sokva" means that you run out of memory
for socket buffers. There is the sysctl kern.somaxkva to configure a
limit (default is 16MB). Increasing that limit may of course reduce
the available memory for other kernel subsystems.

Thank you for emailing me back. That is what I wanted to know is what "sokva" meant. I found some other people who were having this same problem, but it was with Apache and not lighttpd. Although, I was getting this with more than just lighttpd. Php was getting this state too. What I don't understand is that I went as far as rebuilding everything (the kernel, userland, and packages) with the same source as I have on another server that doesn't have this problem. I did find by googling a bit more that putting in "options SOSEND_NO_LOAN" into the kernel fixed the problem with Apache users and I thought that it had fixed the problem with lighttpd on this server. It ran for maybe 20 hours before lighttpd stopped responding to requests. I am going to try moving to Apache, but I am not sure if that will fix the problem either. Any ideas on what else I can try?

Best Regards,

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