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Re: Aha2940 SCSI card support? (Also attendant SCSI Seagate drives)

On Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 6:00 PM, Greg Oster <> wrote:
> "Gregg Levine" writes:
>> Hello!
>> Well according to the manpage located at the
>> card is indeed supported, (no doubt there), but I am more concerned
>> about this drive family, ST318404LW, which is an 18.37G drive, or even
>> this one, ST39216W who is an 9.19G drive.
>> I don't know how many of you are aware of me, it happens I collect a
>> lot of oddball computer hardware. A fellow enthusiast in this area
>> (NYC) not too long ago unloaded about three quarters of his
>> collection. It happens that a good number of items there were all SCSI
>> drives and associate controllers.
>> The computer I have used the card, and the 18.37G drive on before,
>> worked rather nicely with Solaris, and I didn't have any problems
>> there.
>> I am however curious if anyone on this list is still running SCSI
>> hardware via Intel. My next step is to ask on the I386 list of course,
>> but I want to wait and see what all of you think.
> If you can get the drives hooked up and terminated correctly, I'd be
> very surprised if NetBSD didn't work with them.
> (My Intel+SCSI boxes at home are mostly sitting idle now due to
> failing hardware, but I still have a number at work that are doing
> just fine...)
> Later...
> Greg Oster

Now a new problem. The CD that I created from the image on the default
ftp site, happens to be booting only on a system wearing IDE based
drives, that includes a CD drive as well as the regular HD one.
(Incidentally the original CD drive was actually a CD-R/W type of

Is there some way to properly master a CD image that will boot no
matter what sort of system its put on? Please note that the only
NetBSD system is the one we are discussing.

Gregg C Levine
"This signature was once found posting rude
 messages in English in the Moscow subway."

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