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Re: What is BSD make?

 >> 0 dictd_bsd_make>export MAKEOBJDIR=/home/cheusov/prjs/dictd_bsd_make/obj

> Do you read me at all?
I repeat, your problem with "make obj" is artificial and has nothing
common with reality.  You also don't understand my original idea - why
I prefer bmake + MK script and what's "declarative makefiles", why
they are so good and why autotools sucks so much.

> _Unset_ MAKEOBJDIR.  See how it breaks, if you create "obj" subdirectory
> in one of project subdirectories, and not in another.
You just don't know what you want :-)

Environment is a way to use UNIX as a "development environment".
"UNIX itself is your IDE" (C).

> Setting MAKEOBJDIR is impossible, if you have files with same names
> across the project.
Make them different. Or implement your own after all.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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