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Re: Colors in XTerm

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 2:51 PM, Thomas Dickey <> wrote:
> that sounds like a very small machine (not much memory and/or limited
> display).  Does the background have color?  (I'd suppose so), but it's
> also possible that the color map is limited, and other apps took enough
> that xterm gives up on colors.

Hi Thomas,
Thanks for replying.  The resources on this machine are definitely
limited, but I would think it would try to approximate those colors
with something similar from the 256 color palette (I think its 256
I can set the root window's background to a solid color or a bitmap
image with xsetroot.  I've got a 128 MB swap partition set up, but its
barely being used, so I don't think I've hit the ceiling yet.   I feel
it must be something in the configuration, but I've never customized
xterm before.

Thanks again, and any other pointers are appreciated.


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