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Re: What is BSD make?

> make tool isn't for building the whole project, it is development
> tool first and foremost.

 >> It is not a problem to run 'make obj' manually every time you
 >> create new subprojects.

> It is problem to use it in development, because it is less convenient.
What exactly is less convenient?  'make obj' is not a problem unless
your projects consists of thousands of directories and your
development machine is 20 years old i486.
In all other cases 'make obj' is good enough solution.
It's clean, minimalistic and it works perfectly.

 >>> You don't understand the problem.
 >> Are you sure?

> Yes, I'm sure, and I showed it in previous messages and in this one.
No, you didn't. This "discussion" is completely useless untill you
show what EXACTLY is your problem with make. Describe _your_ problem

 >>  >> 0 dictd_bsd_make>cat dict_common/ 
 >>  >> LDFLAGS+=       -L../dict_common
 >>  >> LDADD+=         -ldict_common
 >>> Now do the same, except link it statically.
 >> dict_common is static librarya, oit contains the code common for
 >> dict, dictd, dictfmt and dictzip. While libmaa is shared
 >> library. What's the problem?

> It doesn't link that way in general case.
It does.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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