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Re: *** SPAM ***Re: Dell D630 and Screen resolution

Le Tue, 14 Oct 2008 17:56:30 +0200,
Luc Desfosses <> a écrit :

> I've tryed the last 915resolution version (0.5.3) and I've got the
> same result.
> Is this due to the fact that the kernel dosn't recognize my chipset ?

I don't think so. Simply the source does not mention 965GM anywhere.
You could write an e-mail to the author on his website, or try to
modify the source yourself.

Concerning intel xorg driver, sorry if my questions seem obvious to
you, but here are a few elements you could investigate:

- are you actually running Xorg? NetBSD ships XFree86 by default and
one can easily be deceived if he starts X by startx, for example.
 # ls -al /usr/X11R6/bin/X
should tell you which server is started, if needed. 
- does dmesg mention an agp port?
- are dri and glx enabled/configured in your xorg.conf?
- are glu, glut, libMesa installed?

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