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Re: What is BSD make?

> 3. mk.conf/make.conf
mk.conf is just like user's .shrc ;-) There user can implement their
own "libraries", things that are outside their projects but used while

For example, I implement there 'cvsdist' target which creates
a tarball of the projects based on PROJECTNAME and VERSION variables
taking everything from cvs by tag PROJECTNAME-VERSION.

> 5. .depend

> This would be nice to reuse, though it isn't obvious to me,
> which way. I have a feeling, that this can cover some things,
> which autoconf tries to do. Unfortunatly, there're no publicized
> examples of how to do it.

'make depend' ? also supports "depend" target.

> 6. .OBJDIR

> This is the most sophisticated part. Noone knows how it works exactly,
IMHO it is documented good enough enough.

( Recently there were discussion about ... about everything :-) in
debian-russian mailing list, as a result of that flame I wrote the
example code reimplementing my autoconf/gmake-based dictd )

0 dictd_bsd_make>export MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/tmp/some/where
0 dictd_bsd_make>mkdir -p /tmp/some/where
0 dictd_bsd_make>make obj
obj ===> libmaa
#    objdir  /tmp/some/where/home/cheusov/prjs/dictd_bsd_make/libmaa
obj ===> dict_common
#    objdir  /tmp/some/where/home/cheusov/prjs/dictd_bsd_make/dict_common
obj ===> dict
0 dictd_bsd_make>make
all ===> libmaa
#   compile  libmaa/1.ln
lint -chapbxzFS       -i /home/cheusov/prjs/dictd_bsd_make/libmaa/1.c
#   compile  libmaa/1.o
cc -O2  -Werror       -c    /home/cheusov/prjs/dictd_bsd_make/libmaa/1.c -o 1.o
objcopy -x 1.o
0 dictd_bsd_make>find /tmp/some/where -type f
0 dictd_bsd_make>

> Object directory also complicates linking.
> You cant simply write:

> LDADD+= ../../lib/this/this.a
> DPADD+= ../../lib/this/this.a

Everything work just fine ;-)

0 dictd_bsd_make>cat dict/Makefile 
PROG=           dict

.include "../dict_common/"
.include "../libmaa/"
.include <>
0 dictd_bsd_make>cat dict_common/ 
LDFLAGS+=       -L../dict_common
LDADD+=         -ldict_common
DPADD+=         ../dict_common/libdict_common.a
0 dictd_bsd_make>make
cc -O2  -Werror       -c -DGPROF -DPROF    -pg 
/home/cheusov/prjs/dictd_bsd_make/dict_common/3.c -o 3.po
objcopy -X 3.po
#     build  dict_common/libdict_common.a
cc -O2   -Werror      -c    /home/cheusov/prjs/dictd_bsd_make/dict/dict.c
#      link  dict/dict
cc  -L../dict_common -L../libmaa   -o dict  -Wl,-rpath-link,/lib:/usr/lib  
-L/lib dict.o -ldict_common -lmaa
0 dictd_bsd_make>ls -la 
-rwxr-xr-x  1 cheusov  wheel  5465 Oct 13 10:34 
0 dictd_bsd_make>

> 2. You have to track dependencies manually, unless you're using
> pkgsrc and building package.
Dependencies between project - yes, In example above dict/dictd/dictd
depends on libmaa and dict_common library. This is why they include
Dependancies between file - no, see 'make depend'.

> 3. Recursive makes.
I personally don't beleive in "Recursive make considered harmful" by
Peter Miller. Most of those problems can easily be solved using bmake.
BTW, "one project - one directory" is not a limitations.
Exactly this solves some of problems with recursive make.

> I have absolutely no idea how to handle recursive makes right now.
Natively with

> To sweeten this a bit I should add that my linux colleagues didn't
> even try to address OBJDIR.
Simplest example is above.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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