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Re: What is BSD make?

Aleksey Cheusov <> writes:

>  >> 0 dictd_bsd_make>export MAKEOBJDIR=/home/cheusov/prjs/dictd_bsd_make/obj
>> Do you read me at all?

> I repeat, your problem with "make obj" is artificial and has nothing
> common with reality.  You also don't understand my original idea - why
> I prefer bmake + MK script and what's "declarative makefiles", why
> they are so good and why autotools sucks so much.

I repeat, your requirement of running "make obj" is artificial and makes
life worse in reality. Make is development tool, which is quite auxilliary,
and you're placing it the way, that makes developers' life harder.

It seems to me, that you have never worked in team, which happened to
use BSD make based build system, at least. And I'm almost sure,
that you have never fixed such build system to support the behaviour
found e.g. in NetBSD tree, breaking others' habits as little as possible
at the same time.

>> _Unset_ MAKEOBJDIR.  See how it breaks, if you create "obj" subdirectory
>> in one of project subdirectories, and not in another.
> You just don't know what you want :-)

I know what I want pretty well, better than you understand what I write.

> Environment is a way to use UNIX as a "development environment".
> "UNIX itself is your IDE" (C).

Sure, and before you start arguing about what is there, learn it better.

>> Setting MAKEOBJDIR is impossible, if you have files with same names
>> across the project.
> Make them different.

You can't make them different, it is the condition sine qua non.
If you don't understand reality, don't argue about it.

> Or implement your own after all.

There's no need, the problem comes not from

You even fail to identify the source of problem.


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