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Re: Fwd: PLEASE HELP! mail not working :(

Thank's Stevie, that's brilliant!! :))

Kind regards,



And to all the other people: Let's be realistic - there is some truth in the 
saying, "nowadays there is too much fm to r". I am writing not because I "did 
not read the documentation", but because the very SAME setup that works 
perfectly on one machine does NOT actually work on another. Therefore, when 
mutt works on linux, but my .muttrc fails on NetBSD, I will write to the NetBSD 

Moreover, I have come to the conclusion that "the NetBSD guide" needs a rewrite 
for those of us who just need a "text-only desktop". No RAID, NO servers of any 
kind (besides MAYBE anonymous ftp), no security theories, you assume you are 
merely an unimportant target behind a firewall/other network. All you want to 
do is set up a narrow set of programs. AND you don't want to read THEIR 
documentation. You just want to sit down and USE that thing. Why? BECAUSE YOU 
WANT TO HAVE FUN! THEN you can start learning... but permanent frustration is 
NOT the way to go, and a 300 pages manual is nothing anyone wants to read. 
NetBSD shall be, in my eyes, a nice afternoon adventure, not a beast to tame 
for weeks. (Otherwise... with all due respect, wasn't NetBSD once in a similar 
position like Linux? And today - where is NetBSD, where is Linux?...)

So, what I do is - "research". I am then going to try out the things - so 
please bear with me - and then I am going to write such a short guide. I 
actually have something like a first draft, it is 8 pages long, and I want to 
avoid getting over 12 pages.

I guess we need:
- A workspace/"desktop". Best candidate: mc. Has heavy dependencies, 
alternatives? - clex, maybe. But it is not much more slim, and... it is weird.
- something to play CDs: cdplay, preinstalled
- Something to play mp3s: mpg123, but somehow it works less well than 
mp3blaster... mp3blaster has unpleasant dependencies though. (Installing .png-s 
- who needs .png-s on a text-only machine??)
-Something to view jpg-files. There are some possibilities (zgv, aview, 
seejpg), but somehow they are either not in NetBSD, or, like aview, complain 
about the lack of some part of X11 (WTF?! This is aview!!).
- handle PDFs. Cheapest solution so far: less -f. mc can see pdfs with 
poppler-utils (I think at least on FreeBSD).
- handle MS' .docx & co - so far no idea; for the old stuff: catdoc, also 
rather "cheap".
- spreadsheet - sc.
- ICQ: naim. centerim is both bigger and has more dependencies. Maybe even tell 
about IRSSI & IRC (never tried).
- something ancient to chat: talk, preinstalled.
- e-mail: So far, I am investigating mutt, as it is the more modern solution. 
However, mutt has a problem: It needs more ressources than pine, and PERL is a 
dependency. We shall shun perl; in a more "comfortable" installation it becomes 
a necessity though... Pine is a possible alternative. Also, I have to find out 
about sendmail, but this will be on a much later stage. A mail client candidate 
is, of course, also just the good old BSD mail command.
- browsing: clearly links. Both lynx and elinks are bigger.
- torrent: I will experiment with ctorrent.
- conversion to dos text files: either say this trick with sed and tr, or just 
use unix2dos. Or use nano as text editor.
- html2text? - But txt2html has some ridiculous dependencies, so I will leave 
it possibly out.
- Describe ed. Ed is much more sincere than vi - ed is primitive, and PROUD of 
- BIG MAYBE: How to record CDs, how to read out mp3s from audio CDs & stuff 
like that. Who needs that anyway...
- tell people that their USB-stick is /dev/sd0e, as opposed to fd0 for their 
floppy, and cd0a for CD... ;P
- sudo & the no password thing.
- wget & fetchmail - fetchmail we will especially need if we want to use our 
old chap mail.
- explain how to do networking with serial ports (maybe even modem?) and where 
to get a small kernel, and how to install from floppy. Why? Because of the two 
teenagers in their living room who got their fingers on some ancient machines 
and want to see a unix like from grandpa's times. Good candidates are NetBSD 
1.6.x and earlier.
- explain basic unix functionality (copy, spellcheck, use dc, units, fmt, ps 
-ax ...)
- explain how to read manual pages without groff & friends.
- explain how to get into the internet with telnet - browsing, reading & 
sending e-mails...
- explain rm -rf /, kill -9 somenumber... this kind of commands.
- how to "carve out" NetBSD. I am sure you do not need EVERYTHING that comes 
installed. First step: gzip -9 /netbsd.
- how to allow users to mount devices. Since I can be Mr. Root whenever I want 
to, I haven't tried.
- BIG MAYBE: tell people about groff!! I think many are interested in TeX only 
because they never heard of what groff does, especially the macros. And explain 
how to write accents & tremata. We are not all English-speakers...
-LARGEST MAYBE - if I have the time: I would love to create a NetBSD CD which 
itself preinstalls a system WITH EVERYTHING. Which sets up a few default users, 
installs all programs & automatically configures them etc... It should be able 
to work at least on a 486 with 16MB RAM and 500MB disk... maybe even on a 386 
with 4 MB RAM and 150 MB disk. The smaller, the better; I never compiled a 
kernel, but I guess freeing NetBSD from all PCI- and USB-related stuff might 
create some SPACE! :D
You get the idea. It just depends what "NetBSD" is. Is this the barebones 
system - or is it rather the system as you might use it?...

If anyone wants X, that is totally another story.

has internet at home. ;)

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> Datum: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 15:35:45 +0200
> Von: Stevie Lancaster <>
> An: netbsd unix <>
> Betreff: Re: Fwd: PLEASE HELP! mail not working :(

> On Jun 08 14:15, netbsd unix wrote:
> > Dear Jukka,
> > 
> > Do you know how Mutt handles pop3?? If so, I would be very grateful if
> you could tell me!
> > 
> > Thank you anyway for your kind advice.
> > 
> Add this to your .muttrc and change it as you need it and mutt will grep
> your mail:
> set pop_host=""
> set pop_delete=yes
> set pop_user="gavcos"
> set pop_pass="************"
> set pop_checkinterval=10
> It's SHIFT-G inside of mutt to activate that feature.
> Your're welcome ;)
> Stevie 
> -- 
> Stevie Lancaster <>

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