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Re: Printer setup? - sorry, previous mail was empty...

netbsd unix wrote:
> I am working this on a machine with a 450 MB disk - and I will attempt
> to try it out on a machine with a 300 MB disk (will be a 486 with 8 MB
> RAM). I want to try it "the classic way". Therefore, Cups does not come
> into question. Oh, and the machine has not X11, it is text-only.

Hi Nino, 

I set up a machine that way a long time ago (using ghostscript without
CUPS).  It's possible; you'll just spent a lot of time struggling to get
your printcap entry right.  Unfortunately, even after I succeeded I
failed, in the sense that printing was never boring -- and printing should
*always* be boring.  Part of the problem was the cheap inkjet printer it
was driving, and maybe the drivers are better now.  In the end, I gave up
and bought a Postscript printer, and life got immediately better.   

Morale: Be care what you wish for.  You may get it.  ;-)



P.S.  BTW, bottom-posting is the classic way.  :-)

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