Index of netbsd-bugs for January, 2000

William O Ferry y2k/9095: Y2K-related bugs in domestic kerberosIV code bin/9096: ftp(1) does not like what apache 1.3.9 sends (chunked encoding)
Bill Sommerfeld bin/9097: named logging is excessively verbose.
Christian E. Hopps security/9098: kinit kerberos lifetime calculates incrrectly bin/9099: cc1 cores on syntax error pkg/9100: teTeX-bin pkg sets wrong default paper size kern/9101: "panic: locking against myself" in uvm_swap.c
SUNAGAWA Keiki pkg/9102: japanese/vfghostscript5 pkg should look at DIST_SUBDIR.
gordan@beyonder.dirc misc/9103: System unbootable if partition "b" is physically before partition "a
bgrayson@ece.utexas. lib/9104: clnt_perror.c goof/uninitialized variable
Chris G. Demetriou Re: port-i386/9090: Generic i386 kernel uses DMA modes for ATA/IDE disks
Matthias Scheler Re: port-i386/9090: Generic i386 kernel uses DMA modes for ATA/IDE disks
Manuel Bouyer Re: port-i386/9090: Generic i386 kernel uses DMA modes for ATA/IDE disks
Takahiro Kambe misc/9105: Apm's example script should be installed.
Manuel Bouyer Re: port-i386/9090: Generic i386 kernel uses DMA modes for ATA/IDE disks pkg/9106: DEPENDS of the form >= break 'make fetch-list'
perseant@hitl.washin bin/9107: telnetd can't read password from some clients
perseant@hitl.washin bin/9108: telnetd can't read password from some clients port-pmax/9109: Cannot read from "mouse" and "keyboard" serial ports with Gener port-i386/9110: Exceptions caught within a shared library fail
Charlie Root misc/9111: Sup places security sets in wrong directory bin/9112: config(8) problems on non-NetBSD systems port-pmax/9113: Cannot build a kernel without framebuffer support
Christian E. Hopps Re: port-i386/9090: Generic i386 kernel uses DMA modes for ATA/IDE disks
Manuel Bouyer Re: port-i386/9090: Generic i386 kernel uses DMA modes for ATA/IDE disks pkg/9114: pkgsrc/lang/sml-nj ELF problem (fix included) pkg/9115: pkgsrc/lang/hugs should use readline kern/9116: bug
Jens.A.Nilsson@subze bin/9117: manpage for ls doesn't how it shows FIFOs in FS
Michael Eriksson T/K 2 xsrc/9118: xsrc should support TrueType fonts
Michael Eriksson T/K 2 pkg/9119: sshd truncates output
Michael Eriksson T/K 2 pkg/9120: make readme-all fails if README-all.html doesn't exist port-alpha/9121: alpha kernel breakage recently
01/05/2000 y2k/9122: "at" command garbles date. bin/9123: tar v1.11.12 is not Y2K compliant
Martin Husemann pkg/9124: rar package does not build on i386
Bjoern Labitzke pkg/9125: Tcl-8.2.3 package
Richard Rauch misc/9145: mdoc.samples.7 (misc. typoes & whatnot)
Bjoern Labitzke misc/9126: Using amd requires starting NFSclients misc/9144: a missing owner setting in mtree/NetBSD.dist
Andreas Gustafsson misc/9135: CRYPTOBASE documentation has confusing example
Richard Rauch xsrc/9127: CapsLock not properly handled between virtual consoles with X pkg/9142: kermit source tarball checksum wrong
Patrick Welche misc/9131: minor man page formatting problem
shawn@eecs.harvard.e port-hpcmips/9146: fdisk/disklabel pkg/9141: pkg_info -R description inverted port-arm32/9129: resettod() on arm32 does not print year2000 properly
Brook Milligan pkg/9139: noweb should use awk not nawk
Brad Spencer kern/9140: Another PCMCIA IDE device
Matthew Jacob port-sparc/9136: it's a wise system that knoweth where it comes (boots) from pkg/9138: pkgsrc/shells/zsh MASTER_SITES update
Jeff Weisberg bin/9128: vgrind -t does not work as advertised
Ben bin/9133: Bug in audioplay
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino kern/9137: udp and spec issues
Ben Wong bin/9134: audioplay should quit immediately on ^C
Michael Eriksson T/K 2 kern/9147: compat_aout lacks two syscalls
Martin Husemann pkg/9148: pkgsrc/sysutils/gmc fails to build (libslang error)
Havard Eidnes bin/9149: lfs_cleanerd appears to have a memory leak
Richard Rauch bin/9150: Minor changes to cat(1)'s man-page.
Patrick Welche kern/9151: buglet in hd64570.c (leads to kernel build error)
Richard Rauch bin/9152: window(1) problems.
Havard Eidnes kern/9153: LFS deadlock during stress-testing
Bjoern Labitzke pkg/9154: Tk-8.2.3 package submission pkg/9155: remind pkg: install doc and example files
Erik E. Fair install/9156: directories missing from NetBSD distributions
Gary Duzan bin/9157: systat netstat bombs with non-IPV6 kernel
Takahiro Kambe bin/9158: Allow ftpd(8) tp specify passive port range.
Dave Burgess security/9159: A suggestion for a change to the mtree/special file
Martin J. Laubach kern/9160: crash: uvm_fault, page fault trap
Richard Rauch pkg/9161: ssh and TERMCAP environment variable
Richard Rauch pkg/9162: ssh (/etc/environment?) pkg/9163: pkgsrc installs to DESTDIR, but doesn't update databases there
Leo Weppelman bin/9164: maybe mbrlabel should make the label sticky pkg/9166: acroread pkg needs updated suse_linux dependency
Dave Huang kern/9167: panic: insmntque into dying filesystem pkg/9168: enscript pkg: add support for mk.conf: PAPERSIZE kern/9169: Linux emulation of SIOCGIFHWADDR
John.P.Darrow@wheato xsrc/9171: xaa_no_color_exp fails to turn off all color expansion options kern/9172: use of libefence (with EF_PROTECT_FREE) panics kernel pkg/9173: ">>"s in package build output are incompatible with send-pr kern/9174: ipnat -f filename without ipf -E crashes system
Christian E. Hopps pkg/9175: /usr/pkg/lib/tcl8.0/ in unuseful form
noguchi@npost1.netsp kern/9176: I have developed SCSI-Ethernet driver
SUNAGAWA Keiki pkg/9177: mule-2.3 pkg submission
Torbjorn Granlund kern/9178: DMA error reading fsbn NNNN
01/13/2000 kern/9180: tlp0 doesn't work with Netgear FA310tx
Richard Rauch pkg/9181: libglade doesn't build (missing py-gtk)
paluch@Terezka.ufa.c install/9182: NetBSD 1.4.1/i386 install corrupts end boundary of partitions in kern/9183: 100baseFX (fiber) support for SMC 9432FTX
Patrick Welche bin/9184: sh exit status
Charlie Root port-alpha/9185: lint annoyances in -current builds on alpha pkg/9186: make update of emacs fails
01/14/2000 kern/9189: ping6 -W panics NetBSD-current/sparc (heard of)
ura@hiru.aoba.yokoha bin/9190: netstat(1) doesn't indicate 'B' for the BLACKHOLE flag.
Keith Moore kern/9191: cdrecord won't work with SONY CDR-924S
Keith Moore kern/9192: cdrecord won't work with SONY CDR-924S scsi cdr drive
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni pkg/9193: update of net/snort package bin/9194: /bin/sh -e may abort at a conditional in a loop bin/9195: od prints only `*' for short file only containing NULs. pkg/9198: graphics/dx,dxsamples don't seem to be broken pkg/9200: cross-m68k gas doesn't recognize fcmps/fcmpd instructions
ura@hiru.aoba.yokoha bin/9199: fstat(1) lacks IPv6 support port-vax/9202: bootloader cannot boot from xqb0 kern/9203: Audio driver should round the buffer size to its requirements
Dave Sainty Re: kern/9087: audio mmap(2) interface not entirely clear
Martin Husemann pkg/9205: x11/xdaliclock does not work on i386
Paulo Alexandre Pinto Pi kern/9206: msdosfs behaving badly port-hpcmips/9207: pbsdboot with option -d doesn't understand keystrokes
Jan-Uwe.Finck@bigfoo port-arm32/9208: RiscPC reboot hangs kern/9211: Kingston KNE110TX Ethernet card does not work with tlp driver
Andreas Gustafsson kern/9212: File system access slows down after weeks of uptime kern/9213: Fix /sys/dev/usb/if_aue.c
01/17/2000 pkg/9214: Current package x11/gtk (gtkt-1.2.6) won't build on -current (link fa
erik@mediator.uni-c. kern/9215: options.4 still references CLBYTES kern/9216: IBM U3 LVD disks terribly hosed on Tekram 390F/U2W controllers kern/9218: Our PCMCIA code causes some CF cards to produce bogus data
ginsbach@spacestar.n bin/9219: indent does not recognize all C9x constant suffixes
ginsbach@spacestar.n bin/9220: Updates for indent man page
David Rankin pkg/9221: Update of news/trn package to 4-test72
01/18/2000 kern/9223: panic: lfs_ialloc: inuse inode %d on the free list
David Rankin pkg/9224: security/openssh kern/9225: softdep problem
kjetil@thomassen.pri install/9226: Disklabel fails on Risc PC with Power-tec SCSI-2 (ptsc) (arm32)
johnr@spimageworks.c bin/9227: scsictl man page leads people to think it's not working.... misc/9228: crypto-us: Makefile.racoon has a typo
Bernd Ernesti kern/9229: Panic from pool_get: free list modified bin/9230: disklabel doesn't describe sgs field pkg/9231: openssh needs upgrade to -27
matt debergalis kern/9232: lfs panics on make obj
Jonathan Stone port-i386/9233: i386 console(4) page out of synch with boot_console(4)
Jonathan Stone port-i386/9234: NetBSD 1.4P cannot attach uhci0 USB controller on Vaio laptop
Jonathan Stone kern/9235: tlp fails after sleep or suspend w/ CardBus 21143
Jonathan Stone port-i386/9236: biosboot_com0 does not use serial console on L400GX+ mobo
Jonathan Stone port-i386/9237: i386 bootblock ignores left-shift key as "attention"
Matthias Scheler kern/9239: rebooting from kernel debugger fails
dholland@hcs.harvard port-i386/9240: Lying comment in i386 vm_machdep.c
Matthias Scheler kern/9241: automount daemon causes unclean filesystem during system shutdown pkg/9242: ssh-askpass gets linked incorrectly.
Kevin Schoedel lib/9243: libedit ignores repeat count
Kevin Schoedel lib/9244: libedit dumps bindings inconsistently
Feico Dillema bin/9245: IPv6/INET6 support for /usr/sbin/pppd
Jonathan Stone kern/9246: cannot mount NFS root over PC-Card NICs with default kernels
Hubert Feyrer bin/9248: (gnu)tar has problems with files >2GB
Michael Eriksson T/K 2 bin/9249: rdist doesn't remove temporary file
maximum entropy pkg/9250: Sound doesn't work in package emulators/stella
ethan.bakshy@mail.en port-sparc/9251: kernel panics when fdformat is invoked
wrstuden@nas.nasa.go pkg/9252: New package submission
Mark Davies bin/9253: current build fails due to out of date fsck_lfs pkg/9254: bug in pkg editors/xvile
briggs@canolog.ninth port-i386/9255: Setting baud rate to 115200 shuts PC down hard pkg/9256: lang/python6: python with IPv6 support
Martin J. Laubach kern/9257: uvm_fault(0xf0295100, 0xf09ff000, 0, 1) -> 2
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino pkg/9258: pkgsrc/lang/ruby is not ELF ready
Matthias Scheler kern/9263: random kernel panics due to locking problems
01/21/2000 bin/9265: /bin/sh bug with "set -e" bin/9266: /bin/sh broken when pipeline starts with "!"
Bjoern Labitzke pkg/9268: kdebase build fails on -current
refling@comet.lbl.go pkg/9269: teTex fails at /usr/pkg/bin/texconfig
Brad Spencer pkg/9270: Make Quake less broken kern/9271: st driver support for QIC_3095 density drives (HP T4000s)
Richard Rauch pkg/9272: Installation bug in postgresql
Antti Kantee kern/9273: panic: lockmgr: not holding exclusive lock bin/9274: minor tar vtf bug in GNU tar port-alpha/9275: PPP on Alpha nonfunctional with only one ppp configured in ker
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino bin/9276: build chokes in libexec/kxd if you don't have X11 on the system
Martin Husemann lib/9277: the german translation for SIGPWR sucks!
Urban Boquist pkg/9279: sshd broken in -current after recent login.conf changes bin/9280: Splited version doesn't install
erik@mediator.uni-c. kern/9281: rz.c and tz.c uses undefined macro BUFQ_INSERT_HEAD
The Grey Wolf bin/9282: restore does not print filesystems on dumps from null host
Y. Takizawa port-sparc/9283: make sparc kernel failure: fd.c
maximum entropy bin/9284: ld.elf_so is built incorrectly if LD_RUN_PATH is set
Michael.Eriksson@era kern/9285: Kernel hang in lockmgr()
Jason Thorpe Re: kern/9285: Kernel hang in lockmgr()
steven_grunza@ieee.o kern/9286: ex driver cannot wake 3c905B from power state D3
kilbi@rad.rwth-aache y2k/9287: GNU tar version 1.11.2 y2k bug
Peter Reich pkg/9288: exmh pkg is broken bin/9289: ftp retrieves file with preposterous timestamp port-macppc/9291: iMac trap on boot in netbsd-1-4 branch
Geoff Wing Re: bin/9289: ftp retrieves file with preposterous timestamp
Bill Sommerfeld kern/9292: umodem without ucom -> kernel doesn't link
nomad@nop.aliensyste port-alpha/9293: NetBSD/alpha 1.4.1 and 1.4.2_ALPHA fail to boot on a DPWS 500a port-hp300/9294: miniroot does not build for hp300
S.P.Zeidler port-amiga/9295: panic: MMU fault -> unlk a6
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni kern/9297: mounting LFS after crash => panic
Jason R. Thorpe kern/9299: SYSV IPC semaphores problem kern/9300: Intel 82810E chip not explicitly identified bin/9301: mountd.c forgets exports when you mount a partition
hauke@Espresso.Rhein port-mac68k/9302: -current mac68k does not build after disksort() changes
David Rankin pkg/9304: OpenSSH has been released at 1.2.2
Michael.Eriksson@era pkg/9305: lsof doesn't build
John Kohl kern/9306: options XSERVER_DDB has no effect on wscons
Der Beagle bin/9307: mtree(8) fails when using cksums kern/9308: UVM can loop when out of memory
Y. Takizawa misc/9309: can not compile config for release branch using Makefile.boot
maximum entropy pkg/9310: lsof package doesn't build under -current
Antti Kantee port-alpha/9311: vendor 0xffd4 product 0xffff ... booting AlphaServer 1000
Ed Gould port-i386/9312: USB fails on Compaq Armade M300 kern/9313: panic with 1G RAM, 2G swap, NKMEMCLUSTERS=3072 misc/9314: typo in share/man/man4/termios.4
01/30/2000 bin/9316: strfile and unstr binary is not installed but online manual is instal
Geoff Wing Re: bin/9315: variable $< not assigned (/usr/bin/make) bin/9315: variable $< not assigned (/usr/bin/make) pkg/9317: new pkg: mail/deliver
Bjoern Labitzke bin/9318: tunefs man page does not explain -N and -A
Manuel Bouyer kern/9319: panic: lfs_ialloc: inuse inode 35888 on the free list
Takahiro Kambe security/9320: /etc/security output incorrect report about "Root umask" port-i386/9321: NFS Client hangs over Token Ring Connection
saltine@www.aviator. port-i386/9322: NFS Client hangs over Token Ring Connection
Takahiro Kambe Re: security/9320: /etc/security output incorrect report about
Charlie Root port-i386/9323: update to dev/cardbus/if_ex_cardbus.c
Jason R Thorpe lib/9324: libipsec no longer builds -- missing files?