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Re: NetBSD on Gateway SX2185?

Le 27/07/2014 20:44, Paul Goyette a écrit :
On Sun, 27 Jul 2014, Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:

Hmm, except for a typo I can't see why the "kernel" command is not

However add a "/" at the beginning, I am not sure that Grub takes the
proper path to netbsd-GENERIC.

Interestingly, there really is no "kernel" command.  Typing "k<TAB>" at
the grub prompt gives a list of all the commands that start with letter
'k' and "kernel" is not in the list.

HOWEVER, there _is_ a command named "knetbsd".  And it _worked_!  I have
now successfully gotten to the netbsd multi-user console prompt.

Heck, something that changed with Grub 2. Oh well.

Thanks for your patience, the hints, and especially the encouragement. I
was getting close to quitting on this box.  Instead, I just now need to
figure out how to get X working!

Now onto something different. Happy hacking :)

I am still curious to know why NetBSD's boot did not work though while Grub does. Bootloaders are low level thingies, they should not alter hardware boot by much. If you happen to find out why later...

Jean-Yves Migeon

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