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Re: NetBSD on Gateway SX2185?

On Sun, 27 Jul 2014, Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:

Le 27/07/2014 06:19, Paul Goyette a écrit :> On Sat, 26 Jul 2014, Jeff Rizzo wrote:

I also tried to boot up an Ubuntu 14.04.1 distribution from DVD, and
it successfully loaded GRUB!

Maybe there's a way to update the on-disk bootloader with GRUB
instead of the usual NetBSD bootloader?

You can certainly boot NetBSD with GRUB in a pinch... though it would
be nice to figure out what's going on.

Well, first I need to get GRUB onto the NetBSD disk!

Not necessarily: if the BIOS supports legacy mode, Grub can see USB plugged disks/keys like normal HDDs. Passing down another root to Grub to boot from it is rather easy:

set root=(hd1,1,a) # Depends on how your disk is detected by Grub
chainloader +1

I'm not sure what you are suggesting here... (I've never used grub, so have zero familiarity). I don't have a USB hard-drive, so I tried this:

I booted grub from the Ubuntu disk and entered "C" for command mode.

I then entered the "set root=(hd0,0,a)" command (at this point, hd0 still refers to the Windows hard drive).

I then entered the "chainloader +1" command, and it responds with

        error: disk `hd0,0,a' not found

I tried the "boot" command next, and it told me that I need to load a kernel first.

It used to work with "older", non-UEFI machine. With todays RST, UEFI and SecureBoot, it does not work as easily. But might be worth a try. This assumes that you can have a CD/DVD boot disk + USB disk connected to the station.

BIOS configuration may also provide an option to boot "legacy" or "UEFI", with UEFI being often enabled by default. Do you have access to BIOS/EFI configuration menus?

BIOS configuration section "Boot Options" allows me to select the "Boot priority order" - here it lists

        1st Boot Device        Windows Boot Manager
        2nd Boot Device        UEFI: HL-DT-ST-DVDR...
        3rd Boot Device        Removeable device
        4th Boot Device        LAN

It then provides four sub-menus for selecting Hard Disk, Optical Disk, Removeable Device, and Network Device priorities.

Finally there are entries to Enable/Disable "Boot Menu (F12)", "D2D Recovery (F10)", "Fast Boot", and "Quiet Boot", and the usual "Halt on" selection (currently set to "Allbut Keyboard").

That's it.  Nothing about UEFI or Legacy.

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