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Re: NetBSD on Gateway SX2185?

Le 27/07/2014 20:18, Paul Goyette a écrit :
If I type

     grub> set root=(hd1<TAB>

I get the following stuff:

You are making progress, still better than nothing.

     Possible partitions are:

     Device hd1: No known filesystem detected - Sector size 512B - Total
     size 78150744KiB
     Partition hd1,netbsd1: Filesystem type ufs1, (various fs stats)
     Partition hd1,netbsd2: No known filesystem detected, ...
     Partition hd1,netbsd4: No known filesystem detected, ...
     Partition hd1,netbsd5: Filesystem type ufs1, ...
     Partition hd1,msdos1: Filesystem type ufs1, (same stats as netbsd1)

So, I tried

     grub> set root=(hd1,netbsd1)
     grub> ls /

And it gives a list of what is/should be in the root directory.


     grub> chainloader +1
     error: not a valid root device
     grub> kernel netbsd-GENERIC
     error: can't find command `kerne;'

Hmm, except for a typo I can't see why the "kernel" command is not supported.

However add a "/" at the beginning, I am not sure that Grub takes the proper path to netbsd-GENERIC.

Another thing to try is to give the whole path explicitly, like:

> kernel (hd1,netbsd1)/netbsd-GENERIC


> kernel (hd1,Y,Z)/netbsd-GENERIC

With different values for Y and Z.

The way it labels partitions is curious though. Probably a difference between grub and grub 2...

Jean-Yves Migeon

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