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Re: plist output (was: Rescan for ahcisata ?)

On Mon, 16 Jan 2012, Matthew Mondor wrote:

> > BTW, I am looking for a volunteer to work on xmltools.  Anyone?
> I was precisely about to ask if it'd be desirable to have a command to
> simply load a plist it's fed and output it in a human readable form:


In fact I started a ptool once, with the aim of doing operations on plists
but I didn't get very far. My more recent thought is to have the ptool as
a Lua engine that internalizes a plist and provides a scriptable
interface (a Lua table can easily hold a plist) but again, I haven't got
very far..

IMO a property list is not the XML that it is externalized as, it is the
list of properties contained inside.. any tool should work with them, not
the container.


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