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Re: Rescan for ahcisata ?

On Sun, 15 Jan 2012, David Young wrote:

Is anyone working on a way to retrieve the possible attributes?  If
I could figure this out, would anyone object to adding a -L (or -A)
option to drvctl to display a list of possible attributes?

It would be nice to be able to list attributes.  Locators, too.

I'm working on including the attribute list as an array within the device's property dictionary. The info would then be available via "drvctl -p" so would not require any changes in drvctl(8) itself.

Isn't there some bug in atabus(4), too?  ISTM that it should rescan
every attribute if none are specified....

The drvctl code specifically requires an attribute to be specified if there is more than one possibility. The comment at line 278 in sys/kern_drvctl.c reads

        /* allow to omit attribute if there is exactly one */

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