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Re: (amd64) Strange browser problem

On Sat, 13 Aug 2011, Ian D. Leroux wrote:

Given how much firefox and seamonkey have in common, I'm not sure
how much that proves.

I'm going to see if opera works...

Oh, darn, opera is a pre-built rpm - not from source.  Scratch that.

But in response to another suggestion, I installed links-gui package. For the site, it was able to display the entire game-board (although not sufficiently well to be able to play.) But it failed to establish a https session to my D-link WiFi router.

If it doesn't, here's another thought: the problem could be at the
networking/firewall level.  I'm no web programmer, but as I understand
it one common usage pattern with javascript nowadays is to keep a
connection open to the server and download data asynchronously (so that
you can update page content without reloading the whole page).  If
something was closing or blocking that background connection I guess
you might see symptoms such as you describe, and it would be
independent of browser.

Two thinks lead me to discount the possibility of a network connectivity problem. First is that the D-link WiFi router is directly attached, and it is failing. Second is that the Google search page _does_ display completion hints as I type. In fact, Google's results page is quite useable.

On the other hand, I don't even get "echo" when I start typing into the Yahoo search box.

Do the completion suggestions show up when you type into the
search box on the Google main page?  Since they appear without page
loading and can't possibly all be downloaded at once, those must be
implemented using such a background connection.

See above.

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