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Re: (amd64) Strange browser problem

Quoting Paul Goyette <> (Fri, 12 Aug 2011 07:23:13
-0700 (PDT)):
> I am now running 5.99.55 kernel+userland from July 28, and all of my 
> packages have been updated to mid-July.  With this combination,
> firefox5 now fails to properly render many web pages.

I'm running a 5.99.55 amd64 kernel+userland built from July 29th
sources, firefox Aurora 5.0 compiled from source on the 30th, and I'm
not seeing the symptoms you describe (i.e. the links you provided render

> All of the problem web-sites I've recorded use java-script. 

As far as I know, the JS interpreter is internal to firefox, so I'd
expect the problem to be there rather than in the base system ...

> I suspected at first that this might be a problem with firefox5,
> since my previous configuration had used firefox3.6.  So I deleted
> firefox5 (and the current version of xulrunner) and installed 3.6
> (with xulrunner 192).  Still the problem persists.

Installed from source or from an existing compiled package?  If you
rebuilt from source, did you rebuild all your pkgsrc packages from
source on July 30th, or just update some of them?

Could this be a library version mismatch (probably in pkgsrc, since
you've rebuilt your userland)?

> I even removed firefox completely, and installed seamonkey instead,
> and still the problem persists!

Given how much firefox and seamonkey have in common, I'm not sure how
much that proves.


Ian Leroux 

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