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(amd64) Strange browser problem

(Previosuly reported on pkgsrc-users, but now I'm not so sure...)

I've recently gone through a major update, and discovered a rather nasty problem.

Previously, I was running a 5.99.52 kernel+userland from sources on May 30, and all my 200+ packages were built from pkgsrc sources back in February. Everything was working fine.

I am now running 5.99.55 kernel+userland from July 28, and all of my packages have been updated to mid-July. With this combination, firefox5 now fails to properly render many web pages.

All of the problem web-sites I've recorded use java-script. The symptom is that some text is not displayed. As an example, the URL


should display a Sudoku puzzle with the digits 7, 6, 9, and 2 entered in the top row, but on my machine the entire puzzle is blank. Another example is the San Jose Mercury News' web-site

which on my system displays only the graphics but none of the story titles (it does, however, display the "bullets" that are associated with story titles). And the final example is Yahoo's home page, on which I can see only the various graphics and icons, but no text.

I suspected at first that this might be a problem with firefox5, since my previous configuration had used firefox3.6. So I deleted firefox5 (and the current version of xulrunner) and installed 3.6 (with xulrunner 192). Still the problem persists.

I suspected that maybe there was a problem with something in my .mozilla folder. So I created a brand new dummy user, with a totally empty home directory, and still the problem persists.

I even removed firefox completely, and installed seamonkey instead, and still the problem persists!

With some suggestions received from someone on pkgsrc-users, I noticed that his Xserver was running version 1.10.3 while mine was still at 1.9.5, so I updated my system and userland again, to -current from yesterday. And still the problem occurs.

I've run out of ideas of what could cause this type of problem. Simple text pages, such as, work just fine. And even some java-script pages ( for example, or Google search results) work fine.

Anyone got any clues on how I can debug and resolve this?

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