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Re: Sysinst behavior change? (amd64)

On Mon, 8 Aug 2011, Andreas Gustafsson wrote:

Paul Goyette wrote:
Yes, it got a # prompt, and entered a "halt" command, instead of

That's how anita has always worked; it has never issued a "reboot"
command.  Any subsequent operations such as running the ATF tests
are done in a freshly started qemu VM, not by rebooting the VM used
for installation.

I can get a cut-and-paste of it later (I am at work now), but what it
did was

        # halt
        system halted

Is this the exact message printed?  If so, it explains the hang,
because anita expects to see a response of "halted by root", not
"system halted".

I just ran it again, manually.  Here is the bottom of the window:

               | e: Utility menu                               |
               |>x: Exit Install System                        |

# halt
halted by root

Cursor just sits under the 'h' in 'halted' and waits for qemu's expect to timeout.

This was invoked with

anita --workdir ./work/ --qemu-args "-m 128" --disk-size 1024M test /build/netbsd-local/release/amd64/

So, it doesn't seem to be able to create the "freshly started qemu VM"

Andreas Gustafsson,


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