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Re: Sysinst behavior change? (amd64)

Paul Goyette wrote:
> In between periods of instability on my server, there've been a couple 
> of instances recently where anita cannot successfully install NetBSD.
> Actually, the install is successful, but when sysinst is finished, it 
> halt's the machine rather than reboot.  So of course, anita sits there 
> forever waiting for the login prompt that never comes.

On i386 and amd64, anita actually expects to see a root shell # prompt
after it quits sysinst, not a login prompt.

On my i386 testbed, there have been no failures at the install stage
since February, and those were from a different cause, so whatever
the problem is, it doesn't seem to be affecting i386.  As Martin said,
the final output from a failed installation would be helpful.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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