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Re: problem

Paul Goyette wrote:
On Fri, 3 Apr 2009, vincent wrote:

Le 3 avr. 09 à 15:03, Greg Troxel a écrit :

vincent# ./ -O obj -D bsd -T mytools build release

I have never tried to use non-absolute paths here.  Are those
directories empty when you start?

Usually no, but it has always worked fine nevertheless. However, in this case, yes, as I wiped out all the src tree and cvs checkout'ed it anew.

If you say the tree is corrupted, then there may be an rsync problem between and my local mirror,

Before you start trying to troubleshoot rsync issues on the mirrors, please try specifying absolute paths for -O, -D, and -T and see if that helps at all. Neither Greg nor I have ever tried with relative paths.

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I routinely use (using armeb as my cross-compiling target) with the following command lines: ./ -O ../obj-armeb -T ../tools-armeb -D ../distrib-armeb -R ../rel-armeb -U -u -m evbarm-eb distribution
./ -O ../obj-armeb -T ../tools-armeb -D ../distrib-armeb -R ../rel-armeb -U -u -m evbarm-eb release


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