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Re: problem

On Fri, 03 Apr 2009, vincent wrote:
> I have a fresh tree.
> When I try:
> ./ -D bsd -T tools -O obj build

Don't use "-T tools".  "tools" is an already existing directory in
the source tree, whereas the "-T" option says where to install tools.
It is possible to use the same directory for both purposes, but the
results will be confusing (with both sources and outputs mixed in the
same directory) and it's too easy to accidentally delete sources while
attempting to delete installed tools.

> ===> No /usr/src/tools/bin/nbmake, needs building.
> ===> Bootstrapping nbmake
> /bin/sh: Can't open /usr/src/tools/make/configure

I am unable to replicate this problem, even using your command line

> There is no parastical environnement variables defined, so I cannot  
> figure out why the script looks for configure in the tools directory  
> which is, like obj, empty.

src/tools/make/configure does exist in a fresh source tree.  If your
src/tools directory is empty, then perhaps you deleted it yourself,
or perhaps you ran with the "-r" option.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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