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Re: problem

Greg, Paul, Alan

I'm completely confused:

vincent# ./ -O obj -D bsd -T mytools build release
===> command: ./ -O obj -D bsd -T mytools build release
===> started: Fri Apr  3 14:13:59 CEST 2009
===> NetBSD version:   5.99.9
===> MACHINE:          amd64
===> MACHINE_ARCH:     x86_64
===> Build platform:   NetBSD 5.99.01 amd64
===> HOST_SH:          /bin/sh
===> No /usr/src/mytools/bin/nbmake, needs building.
===> Bootstrapping nbmake
/bin/sh: Can't open /usr/src/tools/make/configure

ERROR: Configure of nbmake failed

Same thing. Keeping things separated, okay, but for what purpose? I use but one tree, and those commands have perfectly worked until now. It ceased working with the last cvs update (before, I got a compilation error, but the script did work...).

I'm going to dig in by trying to see exactly what happens inside the script...

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