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Re: 1.5TB drives = fail (RAIDframe/fdisk/sysinst)

On Fri, 3 Apr 2009, Matthias Drochner wrote: said:
With 1.5TB drives

Obviously the MBR partitioning scheme is approaching its
limits - a sector number doesn't fit into a signed integer

I've written a script to  create RAID-1/RAID-5 as specified from a
standard non-RAID disk, so I  booted from a USB installation and got
my script to do the  fdisk/disklabel/raidctl/newfs stages

Does your script use the "-s id/start/size" command line
argument for fdisk?
If yes - it seems that the fdisk command line treats this
as signed. The appended patch might help. (compile-tested only)

Good catch - yes, that works fine. fdisk is now much more sensible:

Disk: /dev/rwd3d
NetBSD disklabel disk geometry:
cylinders: 2907021, heads: 16, sectors/track: 63 (1008 sectors/cylinder)
total sectors: 2930277168

BIOS disk geometry:
cylinders: 1024, heads: 240, sectors/track: 63 (15120 sectors/cylinder)
total sectors: 2930275055

Partition table:
1: NetBSD (sysid 169)
    start 63, size 2930274992 (1430798 MB, Cyls 0-193801/62/29), Active
Bootselector disabled.
First active partition: 1

I've not tested that this makes the disk bootable and I'm going to struggle to do so before RC4 is cut, but it seems that this should be committed and pulled up to netbsd-5 (I can do that if you want). If I find time, I'll track down the similar issues in sysinst, but they'll probably have to wait for 5.1.


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