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Re: amd64 xen3_dom0 failing to boot - stalls (generic boots fine)

Sarton O'Brien wrote:
Ok, I got into single user fine. Unfortunately any attempt to mount file systems off the internal hdds results in the lockup, although not completely locked up as the acpi button press is still acknowledged. Mind you, it does not successfully unmount raid0a.

So it looks like it's triggered by disk activity. Although I can remount / rw, I'm unable to mount /usr, with subsequent commands failing to yield anything, including ^C.

For anyone interested, I've attached the dmesg from the fully working generic in multiuser and from the crippled xen3 dom0 in single user.

Just to see if it would progress any, I've let it sit at the 'Building databases' stage for about an hour and nothing has happened. It looks like when this problem does occur, it's pretty permanent, unlike the interrupt storm you are experiencing where it progresses enough for you to query the state.

So I'm at a loss ... I've tried recompiling the kernel a few times removing options here and there. I can't break into ddb ... it doesn't panic and I get as much info out of single user as multi user.

Manuel, if you are reading this (sorry for the cc), I generally don't have many problems booting xen (outside of the bootdev/rootdev changes) or in the ability to provide data for debugging but I find this really odd. Not getting a panic and not being able to break into ddb makes it even stranger. Have you any ideas?


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