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Re: amd64 xen3_dom0 failing to boot - stalls (generic boots fine)

Hi Mike,

Mike Bowie wrote:
It's a long shot, but at face value, you might be seeing something like
what I've just had with a new PE 2970, which was an interrupt storm from
one of USB interfaces.  If you can boot on a serial console, add -c to
the NetBSD section of your boot loader and "disable ohci", see if that

In my case the remote machine has a DRAC card, so everything is serial
based anyway.

See for
the more complete resolution.

Might give you a starting point.


Sounds like a good start. Just to save me a bit of research, you don't happen to know how to do this when using grub?

I suppose I could configure boot.cfg and chainload but if you know how to do it with grub that's be great, unless it is just a matter of adding -c ... which I'll try now :) ... I really should ditch grub now netbsd is capable.

Luckily this is a headless unit that I have regularly needed to be able to copy and paste debug/panics from so I have a dodgy belkin laptop port replicator strapped to it so I can access the serial port over usb. Mind you, in it's current state (pardon the pun), I may as well just drag it out.

Thanks for the suggestion. Greatly appreciated.


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