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Re: amd64 xen3_dom0 failing to boot - stalls (generic boots fine)

Mike Bowie wrote:
I'm pretty sure you can just add it to the end of the "module" line for
the NetBSD kernel in question... should be that simple.

It was that simple, thanks :)

If you've got the box down, boot is (obviously) *much* nicer... I have a
few machines which will be switching back to boot on their next
maintenance cycle. ;-)

That's a good point, what's the basic procedure for overwriting grub outside having the relevant boot.cfg? If there's a doc somewhere feel free to point me to it or make me find it :)

I've only ever used netbsd with grub as my motivation was running xen. I generally understand the principles though, having used *BSD variants for quite a while.


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