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amd64 xen3_dom0 failing to boot - stalls (generic boots fine)

Hey all,

It seems the latest update has caused my first ever stalled boot with no panic.

The system is a dell sc430 running amd64 xen3. The system is completely up-to-date (current) as of an hour ago. It has been running amd64 xen3 almost since amd64 became usable with xen. The configuration is pretty standard/basic, I'm almost positive it's not a config issue unless something config related changed recently (between .5 and .7).

When booting, it gets up to 'trying ffs' then stalls. I removed log from fstab and it seemed to get slightly further but it may just have been coincidence as I believe it managed to get a little further previously with no change to any files.

A generic kernel boots fine and has no issues at all.

Any ideas?

dom0 is being allocated ~256MB fyi.

I should probably note that I believe I witnessed the same problem within a current amd64 domu as well, before I rebooted the dom0.

Please CC this address on replies as it's not subscribed to either list.

If there is more information required please ask. Any assistance appreciated.


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