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Re: amd64 xen3_dom0 failing to boot - stalls (generic boots fine)

Sarton O'Brien wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Mike Bowie wrote:
>> It's a long shot, but at face value, you might be seeing something like
>> what I've just had with a new PE 2970, which was an interrupt storm from
>> one of USB interfaces.  If you can boot on a serial console, add -c to
>> the NetBSD section of your boot loader and "disable ohci", see if that
>> helps.
>> In my case the remote machine has a DRAC card, so everything is serial
>> based anyway.
>> See for
>> the more complete resolution.
>> Might give you a starting point.
>> Mike.
> Sounds like a good start. Just to save me a bit of research, you don't
> happen to know how to do this when using grub?
> I suppose I could configure boot.cfg and chainload but if you know how
> to do it with grub that's be great, unless it is just a matter of adding
> -c ... which I'll try now :) ... I really should ditch grub now netbsd
> is capable.

I'm pretty sure you can just add it to the end of the "module" line for
the NetBSD kernel in question... should be that simple.

If you've got the box down, boot is (obviously) *much* nicer... I have a
few machines which will be switching back to boot on their next
maintenance cycle. ;-)


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