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Re: amd64 system powering down (Kurt Schreiner) writes:

>Hm, I think I've tracked my problem down to the following: Doesn't matter
>what kernel I use, just switching from X11 to console via F1 brings the
>notebook down in a minute or so. One of the temperature sensors goes from
>ca. 70 degC to over 110 degC and eventually the beast is shut down by the

Hmm, the only thing heating up here (T43p with 2.2GHz Dothan) is
the CPU when busy. The BIOS shuts it off at about 95 degC, but
with a little 'undervolting' and keeping the fan clean this doesn't
happen anymore. This is netbsd-4 with a few extras when idle:

                   TMP0:     47.000 degC
                   TMP1:     41.000 degC
                   TMP2:     29.000 degC
                   TMP3:     44.000 degC
                   TMP4:     30.000 degC
                   TMP6:     27.000 degC
                   FAN0:       4023 RPM
    acpitz0 temperature:     47.000 degC

Which temperature sensors goes up?

                                Michael van Elst
                                "A potential Snark may lurk in every tree."

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