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Re: Failure message when inconsistent X11_TYPE

Edgar Fuß <> writes:

>> So I'd say that if you don't install the X11 sets in NetBSD, you should 
>> set X11_TYPE to modular, and if you haven't done that your system is 
>> misconfigured.
> I'd prefer if, in case something inadvertently pulls in X11, the build 
> would fail early instead of wasting time on trying to build X11.

I am somewhat sympathetic, but I really don't see X11 as different from
any other large dependency that some people don't like.  It's only
special because we have two ways to provide it, one of which is part of
base.   I would put gtk, qt5, rust all in the same "large and some
people don't like them" category.   We don't have a mechanism to
configure pkgsrc to fail if any are attempted, and I don't think we

Plus, X11 just isn't that big any more.  du -s of /usr/X11R7 on NetBSD
9/amd64 is 261 MB.

However (on NetBSD), if you leave X11_TYPE=native and don't install the
sets, I think we are in the situation where things that try to use X11
Counterexamples welcome of course, and I suspect we'll view them as

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