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Re: math/fftw-long / math/fftw-quad broken on Linux as it pulls in math/libquadmath, which is superfluous and broken on Linux

"Dr. Thomas Orgis" <> writes:

> Am Wed, 23 Jun 2021 09:18:17 -0400
> schrieb Greg Troxel <>: 
>>   there is nothing super broken now
> The dependency on libquadmath is super annoying to me, but largely
> off the radar for the userbase, I presume.

What matters is what happens to users when building from the branch, and
using the binary packages that are bulk-built from the unmodified
branch.  I'm sorry you have issues with an extra copy of something, but
that's very minor in the grand scheme of pkgsrc.

> I hope I can get a for that in for the future, maybe
> together with resolving the question marks around parallel/openmp.

Sure, happy to look at a proposal/rationale post freeze, and
is normal for things that can be used from the OS as a full replacement
for the pkgsrc version.

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