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Re: opensmtpd missing makemap

On 23 May 2021, Jaromír Doleček wrote:

> Le dim. 23 mai 2021 à 22:11, Mark Carroll <> a écrit :
>> If I adjust --enable-table-db in the Makefile to --with-table-db then
>> that fixes my original aliases issue, at least, the MTA then seems to
>> work with an alias table that uses the db driver. newaliases, etc., work
>> fine after fixing their permissions.
> OK, I've updated the wip package with this.

Great, I fetched your latest.

>> Unfortunately, with an incoming SMTP conversation, when it gets as far
>> as the first line after DATA, the MTA dies mysteriously with,
>> smtpd: process pony socket closed
> Nothing in the logs neither?

That was the only line it wrote to the log between receiving that DATA
and the process exiting, alas.

> I see there are some authorization options, maybe try if adding
> --with-auth-bsdauth or --with-auth-pam would change anything?

It doesn't like the former, it can't find bsd_auth.h which I don't think
we offer? For PAM, I enabled it but left it set to the default, smtpd,
happy to try other options there. It didn't make any difference, it
still exits, logging "smtpd: process pony socket closed" after the first
line after DATA (I tried a different line this time, too).

I've also now started to try to engage the upstream folks via - I wonder if this
issue is similar to that, processing each message line is the first use
of some underlying function that an adjustment to config.h could
usefully avoid.

Perhaps attaching gdb to the right process (pony express?) could help
catch what's causing the exit, I guess there's some way to get -g into
the build options, Something I can try to figure out if that seems a
reasonable idea.

-- Mark

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