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opensmtpd missing makemap

Hello. I've tried using opensmtpd from wip with a naive "make install"
and I'm wondering what the story is with makemap. The binary package
builds just fine but doesn't include a makemap executable. In poking
around, I'm kind of lost as to why makemap.c isn't compiled, But, I also
can't figure out things like how we knew --enable-table-db is a
configuration option, so it's clear that I'm out of my depth here, at
least so far. (I figured, can I make it try to build, then discover the
problem.) I don't see anything relevant in the documentation I've found
so far, I wonder if I'm missing something that would make all this

It's possible that what I'm missing is more generally about typical
builds or OpenSMTPD than about pkgsrc's approach to this package so it
could be that I should be asking elsewhere.

-- Mark

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