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Re: opensmtpd missing makemap

On 12 May 2021, Greg Troxel wrote:

>   When you build the package from source, not using pkgsrc, and
>   following the upstream instructions, what happens?

Ha, it doesn't come close for me, Jaromír's work earlier this month
makes a far more functional MTA. With that, I do notice that the
configuration does find,

=> Full dependency db5>=5.3.15: found db5-5.3.28nb2

but configure also warns that various options are not recognized,
including --enable-table-db, which I wonder is related to my failure to
generate an aliases.db.

I did instead try to avoid the Berkeley DB backend with a simple,

table aliases file:/etc/mail/aliases

On receiving mail, for user mailboxes it happily gives 250 and for
unknown it correctly gives 550 but, with a valid alias to a local user,
it instead says, 424 4.2.4 Mailing list expansion problem, and I've so
far failed to coax any more detail out of it.

So, this is me reporting that it seems to still have some issues with
using aliases, though I'm not yet seeing any clue as to why. Of course,
I'd be curious to know if they work for anybody else, happy to keep on
testing. Or, to put more effort into engaging upstream.

-- Mark

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