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Re: opensmtpd missing makemap

Mark Carroll <> writes:

> On 12 May 2021, Greg Troxel wrote:
>>   When you build the package from source, not using pkgsrc, and
>>   following the upstream instructions, what happens?
> Ha, it doesn't come close for me, Jaromír's work earlier this month
> makes a far more functional MTA. With that, I do notice that the
> configuration does find,

I do not understand "doesn't come close".

My point is that some issues belong to upstream, and some belong to
pkgsrc.  If you build by hand following upstream's directions and your
result is other than complete success, then (modulo having found a bug
in NetBSD exposed by the package), those troubles should be reported

if by-hand building succeeds, and the package doesn't build or has bad
behavior relative to the by-hand build, that's a pkgsrc issue.

It's often the case that pkgsrc has fixes and workarounds for upstream
bugs.  Those should be submitted upstream, but that doesn't always
happen, and even so upstream doesn't always apply them.  Sometimes there
are improvements (vs fixes) as patches, but I think we really should try
not to have those remain in pkgsrc, in favor of them being applied to

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