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Re: opensmtpd missing makemap

Le dim. 23 mai 2021 à 22:11, Mark Carroll <> a écrit :
> If I adjust --enable-table-db in the Makefile to --with-table-db then
> that fixes my original aliases issue, at least, the MTA then seems to
> work with an alias table that uses the db driver. newaliases, etc., work
> fine after fixing their permissions.

OK, I've updated the wip package with this.

> Unfortunately, with an incoming SMTP conversation, when it gets as far
> as the first line after DATA, the MTA dies mysteriously with,
> smtpd: process pony socket closed

Nothing in the logs neither?

I see there are some authorization options, maybe try if adding
--with-auth-bsdauth or --with-auth-pam would change anything?


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