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Re: MacOS issues with devel/glibc2, devel/gobject-introspection, devel/pango

On 2020-04-25 06:30, Jan Danielsson wrote:
On 2020-02-18 18:09, Greg Troxel wrote:
Thanks for the fix.  Shall we commit it?
Yeh I'll do that now that it has been independently verified.
gobject-introspection now builds for me on 10.13, and passes its (2)
    I just gave this a shot on my system (macOS 10.15.4, Xcode 11.4.1)
and I get:

[137/163] Generating generate-typelib-offsets with a custom command
FAILED: tests/offsets/Offsets-1.0.typelib
-o tests/offsets/Offsets-1.0.typelib tests/offsets/Offsets-1.0.gir
dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/libgirepository-1.0.1.dylib
   Referenced from:
   Reason: image not found
[144/163] Generating gir-everything with a custom command
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
*** Error code 1

bmake[1]: stopped in /Users/jan/pkgsrc/devel/gobject-introspection
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /Users/jan/pkgsrc/devel/gobject-introspection

    Was this the "Fix it by disabling SIP" issue?  I thought that was
resolved through other means?  (SIP is enabled on this system).

I get the same error.  If nobody else fixes this in the next couple weeks, I'll have another look when time permits.

I think this was working a couple months ago because it's a math/R dependency and I was running R.



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