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Re: MacOS issues with devel/glibc2, devel/gobject-introspection, devel/pango

* On 2020-02-18 at 04:15 GMT, Brook Milligan wrote:

> > On Feb 17, 2020, at 12:21 PM, Jonathan Perkin <>
> > wrote:
> > 
> > I wonder if this is just something that has been fixed upstream
> > since 2019Q4.
> I can confirm the glib2 post-2019Q4 does compile, even with SIP
> enabled.  Thanks for pointing that out.
> However, gobject-introspection does not.  (Nor does 1.63.2.)
> There seem to be two issues with gobject-introspection.
> - tools/g-ir-scanner runs the compiler; see the _link() function in
> giscanner/  I presume this is being intercepted by the
> wrappers and causing it to fail.  If I patch it to call
> /usr/bin/clang directly, then it will work.
> - tools/g-ir-compiler also runs, but has @rpath in one of the
> library paths, and therefore cannot find that library at runtime.
> If an appropriate rpath is added with install_name_tool, this
> program will work.
> Those two “fixes” are sufficient for the package to compile
> successfully.  Adding LD_LIBRARY_PATH and friends to the environment
> is insufficient.
> Presumably the issue with tools/g-ir-compiler can be fixed by
> messing with meson files, but I’m not sure how.  Please advise.

See my other post in this thread with a proposed fix, there's no need
to modify the wrappers.

Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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