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Re: Letting gtk3 depend on adwaita-icon-theme

>someone who dislikes adwaita can be setting the default in their config files

>having a fixed dependency on adwaita is merely a bit of wasted space.

>Or is there also an argument to be made that if you only install one it is used without needing to config?
Honestly, I haven't tried this. I know some applications have a defined default theme.
If you don't define your default and the application default is present, it will use that.
I wouldn't be able to say how big is the fraction defaulting to adwaita.

>Given that some programs might need a specific one (is this true?)
I've never came across such an application. Not to say it wouldn't exist but, I find it hard to believe.

>people who care which one is used have to configure it, in general.
:) That's the whole thing with GUI isn't it?

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