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Re: Letting gtk3 depend on adwaita-icon-theme

voidpin <> writes:

> I don't have adwaita-icon-theme installed and all my gtk3-applications
> work just fine. One needs an icon-theme, yes but, not necessarily
> adwaita.

So you are saying that many gk3-using applications work totally fine
when there is no icon-theme package at all installed?  That sounds
different from what I heard earlier from others (which is not an
accusation that you are wrong, simply an observation that we have
inconsistent information).

I had trouble with gajim, but I know believe that's a gajim/NetBSD
issue, not a theme issue.

> Personally, I know nobody asked me, I don't like when unnecessary
> dependencies are pulled in. Icon-themes are personal taste and rather
> easy to install. If I recall correctly, all my themes and icon-themes
> were manually installed.

Agreed; I don't like unnecessary dependencies either.

Anybody else?

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