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Re: Letting gtk3 depend on adwaita-icon-theme

voidpin <> writes:

>>I am unclear on the details of themes, and it would help if someone could explain:
>>Given that programs need some theme, but not a particular one, what
>>happens if more than one is installed?
> You define the default one on a per user basis,
> gtk2, by creating /home/user/.gtkrc-2.0
> gtk3, by creating /home/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini
> Or for system wide,
> /usr/pkg/etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
> /usr/pkg/etc/gtk-3.0/settings.ini
> Here's a very stripped down example for gtk2
> =====
> gtk-theme-name = "Shades-of-gray-Harvest"gtk-icon-theme-name = "Orange-Aurora"
> gtk-font-name = "Liberation Sans 10"
> =====
> and for gtk3
> =====
> [Settings]
> gtk-theme-name = Shades-of-gray-Harvest
> gtk-icon-theme-name = Orange-Aurora
> gtk-font-name = Liberation Sans 10
> =====

Thanks, that's useful for me to understand.

So therefore, it seems to me that someone who dislikes adwaita can be
setting the default in their config files, and having a fixed dependency
on adwaita is merely a bit of wasted space.

Or is there also an argument to be made that if you only install one it
is used without needing to config?

Given that some programs might need a specific one (is this true?), then
it seems people who care which one is used have to configure it, in

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